My Recovery Crown

I started my journey of recovery and spiritual healing about 20 years ago. It was 20 years ago that I attended my first accountability meeting one Sunday evening. I can remember being in awe of the other gentlemen. I was in amazement of their wisdom, sobriety and discipline. If only I could achieve even a little bit of what they had.

It is there that I had stepped onto the path of my recovery. At the time the most I could do was to go to meetings, meet with a counselor, and to not become distracted. I had to just stay disciplined! Eyes forward, abstain, be consistent and maintain sobriety.

It was working - for a while. Until I felt deep in my heart something was missing. My life was changing but I was not complete. So I searched, and searched, and searched some more for that missing piece.

What was it?

It wasn’t until I set foot into a Wild at Heart retreat that I then understood what I had been looking for. It was there that salvation and redemption knocked me flat onto the ground - literally. I had discovered what I was looking for. I discovered what was absent. The crown jewel! The missing gem. The missing piece of the recovery crown - Spirituality. I now had all of the pieces of what I call the Trifecta Crown, discipline, accountability and most importantly –authentic spirituality.

I now know for a fact that I am not the only person in search of this Trifecta Crown. There are millions of men on the right path, doing the right thing but feeling an emptiness in their lives. These are the men that The Heart of Men is after. These are the men that we have a personal affinity for.

It is for these men that we meet weekly.

It is for these men that we will now take up in hosting a Wild at Heart retreat .

Either at a meeting or the retreat, your salvation is in waiting.

God is nudging you to RSVP and/or bring a man that you know who also needs this salvation. RSVP for a meeting, share the blog or better yet, RSVP for the retreat. Find your recovery crown and I promise God will do the rest.

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