What is your That?

What is your “that”?

I hear it all the time in the supermarket when children see something that catches their eye they exclaim, “I want that!” Nine out of ten times they do not get what they want and end up right behind me at the check-out line whimpering and stomping their feet.

A little later in life our “that” becomes more sophisticated as we browse through a magazine or website and our brains get fixated on some eye-candy “that”. We nod our head and whisper “I want that!”

Then further into the journey we work towards disciplining our “that” so that we can start build the “thats” that are necessary to live. We become obsessed with all of the “thats” we need until one day we sit back and look at an entire garage full of “thats”. It is only then that we realize our kingdom is full of a bunch of “thats” that do nothing but take up space.

So, I will now ask you again, what is your “that”?

Maybe the best “thats” are not found in a supermarket, magazine, website or our garage. Maybe the best “that” is sitting right next to us on the couch or a quality of a person you really respect.

Perhaps during our last meeting something may have stirred in your heart that it wants more of? At what point did your heart say “I want more of “that”? Take a moment to listen to your heart – turn your “thats” into beautiful desires.

Now ask yourself: What is my “that”?

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